Kazem Jahanbakhsh

Entrepreneur, Data Scientist, Software Developer

I completed my PhD in Computer Science in 2012. My PhD focus was on modeling human mobility and analyzing online social networks. I use statistical analysis, data mining, machine learning, and algorithms to explore interesting patterns from big data in order to predict useful information such as forecasting where people will go, whom they will meet in the future, or how information/rumors spread in social networks. I have developed several open source software projects for mining and analyzing human-related data such as mobile phone data, Facebook social graph, Flickr photos, and tweets. I was lucky to have Dr. Valerie King & Dr. Ali Shoja as my PhD supervisors.

I have also industrial/academic experience in computer networks, distributed & high performance computing, and computer security areas. In particular, I have experience in designing/developing Unix-based software applications, client-server software, distributed applications using clustering technologies, and web applications. See my resume down the page for more details.

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Kazem Jahanbakhsh
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